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GP-52 Six Meter Solid Element Yagi Antennas Open Stub J-Pole Instruction Sheets
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Ground Plane Photos

All 1/4 Wave Ground Planes are Unity Gain (0 dBd.)

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$44. - GP146 - 1/4 Wave Ground Plane - (2 Meter)
$49. GP146/440 - 1/4 Wave Ground Plane - (2 Meter) - (70cm OSJ)

$51. GP126 - 1/4 Wave Ground Plane - (Aircraft Band)

$51. GP121.5 - 1/4 Wave Ground Plane - (Aircraft Band)
$69. Custom 1/4 Wave Ground Plane - (32 MHz. - 300 MHz.)

(This Antenna will have a bandwidth of about 0.5 MHz near the low end of that range and 20 MHz near the high end of that range.)
During checkout, in the message to the seller, indicate what frequency you want the antenna tuned for. Or send us an email.
(Example: 95.1 MHz. or 100.3 MHz. or 102.5 MHz.)

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