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Repeater Controller

u - Repeater Controller by Reed Electronics

Make a full regular or cross-band repeater with 2 HTs
- Connects to speaker/mike jack- No internal connections to radio are required.
- Uses standard PS-2 connector and cable for easy wiring and cable extensions.
- 2 selectable modes of operation- normal repeater and cross-band.
- User programmable ID. With 4 selectable ID times- none, ham, business, or public safety timing.
- 2 ID modes- all the time or only when system has transmitted.
- Remote enable/disable with user defined DTMF codes of up to 15 digits each.
- Courtesy beep option in both repeater modes.
- Squelch tail options of none, 1sec, 2sec
- Transmit timeout options of none, 1min, 2min, 3min, 4min.
- Busy channel detect option to prevent transmitting over others on the frequency.
- DTMF muting option so DTMF tones are not re-transmitted.
- All settings are stored in EEPROM so they are never lost.
- All settings are programmed via DTMF tones so no special hardware or software is required.
- Draws no current when turned off.
- Remembers its power state (will turn itself back on if power is interrupted).
- Software is in FLASH so system can be upgraded.
- Now includes a 6 ft. cable with 2 PS2 connectors. (cut in half for two cables to connect your radios to the u-RC)


u-Repeater Controller
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