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SWR is basically a way of testing the impedance of your Antenna System. The Antenna System is two parts.

1. Coax and connectors.
2. Antenna.

Before you can test or tune the Antenna, you have to test the other 1/2 of the system first, the Coax & Connectors.
Brand New Coax can be Defective or Damaged.

To test the Coax you will need a 50 ohm Dummy Load and an SWR Meter or Antenna Analyzer.

Note: The MFJ 269 Analyzer does not work right. The MFJ 259B works Great.

Connect the Dummy Load to the end of the coax instead of the Antenna. Connect SWR Meter or Antenna Analyzer to the other end.
Check the SWR on all frequencies. SWR should be 1.0:1 on all frequencies. If the SWR is not 1.0:1 or if the SWR varies with frequency,
then the Coax is Not up to the task.

Important: Some Coax can test fine on VHF but not at UHF.


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