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SAM micro Controller

SAM 8 through SAM 15 used a littler smaller board with the 16F84A PIC micro controller.
It had 13 I/O lines and 1 K of program space. I figured some day as the machines get more complex I will need more.
So I decided on the 16F876A - 28 pin chip with 22 I/O lines, 8 K of program space, 256 bytes of EEPROM.
Also has A to D Analog inputs & a few other goodies. Difference it cost is about 65 cents.

This is a board I laid out using a drawing program on the MAC.
Emailed it to Far Circuits, got the boards in the mail in about a week.

I elected to set the board up with 10 inputs and 12 outputs.
Outputs use a TIP120 Darlington Transistor, supples a ground for what ever I want to turn on.
Relay, air valve, motor, or what ever.

Want to know more about the PIC micro controller ?
Check Out - micro Engineering Labs, Inc.

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