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Semi Automated Machine

SAM 1 - Threading Machine

This is the first SAM, I made it several years ago. A Threading Machine. It was done in several stages.
First was just the DC motors turning the die while I held the rod with vicegrips.
Then a counter was added, (note the micro switches) worked ok as long as you didn't take your eye off the counter.
So I made the SAM part the black box you see above. So now I clamp the rod in place, and apply a little pressure into the die and push the button, (I like pushing buttons). The selected motor comes on, (turning about 1 rev. per sec.) and cuts in the preselected number of threads, Stops, then reverses until the threaded rod is out of the die and then shuts off.
What's in the black box? You guessed it, five 555 timer IC's and two 4017 counter IC's plus an "and" gate. Also two 12 pos. switches, the 10 contacts are connected to the outputs of the 4017 counters.
To set it for 14 threads the knob on the left is set to 1 O Clock and the knob on the right is set to 4 O Clock. I know it is a little crude, but it works very well, and it has been working very well for several years now.

11/15/05 Update: And It is still working, but only as a backup to SAM 16

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