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emi Automated Machine

These Two Machines has been Replaced by SAM 22

Actually SAM 22 did not work out to well for this job, so SAM 12 a&b is still in use.

SAM 12 a&b Threading Machines
Two Threading Machines that cut the 1/4-20 threads on the 1/4" aluminum rods that are used to make the M/B II Mounting Bracket.

They are made from two drill press heads. They are bolted down to 2 ft sq. piece of particle board.

They are each driven by a small 24VDC gear motor with direct drive.

The box on the left of each unit holds the PIC 16F84A board and relays for the motor.

The rods are cut to length, then bent 90 degrees. They are then set in the simple jigs and a simple clamp holds them in place for threading.
SAM12a is pre programed to do the 20 threads on the long side of the rod.

SAM12b is pre programed to do the 5 threads on the short side of the rod.

These have been in service since Aug. 04.

Amazing how something so simple can be so useful.

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