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SAM 16
emi Automated Machine

Automated Threading Machine
SAM 16 is the replacement for SAM 1

Threads the 3/8" elements 3/8-24

SAM 1 is still working and will be kept
for a back up, just giving it a much needed rest.

Why replace a working machine ?
Because this one is much easier to use.
And it is much faster.

This is the counting board for setting the number of threads.

Uses two 4017 counting IC's and an "and" gate.
Has two rotary switches for presetting the number of threads.
Left switches sets the 10's digit and the other for the 1's digit.
In the picture it is set for 10 threads.

This is the clamping mechanism for holding the element
for threading.

Recognize the crimp tool for RG 6 ?

With a little modification it is easy to attach an air
cylinder to operate it.
With a 120 PSI of air pressure it holds a 3/8" element pretty tight.

The clamp is closed using just one electric air valve and one air line.
With a clever little trick I am using the exhaust air pressure to open
the clamp. That way there is no air pressure on the clamp when it is open.

Close up of the crimping tool.

The first Die had to be replaced at

4/23/07 5,561 Elements Threaded

Update 6/15/10 Counter now reads 28,869

Under the Hood.

The PIC PC Board, relays for the motor, air control valves.
Not only makes it easy for making the machine, also
if anything needs to be serviced.

A little info on the PIC 16F876 PC Board including a photo of the board.
This is the heart of the machine, the head of a small drill press.
The pulley was ground into a cam so the micro switch mounted
just above the pulley can send a signal the PIC to count the revolutions.

The belt goes down to a big 90 volt DC Motor that I am running at 22 Volts.

Note the air cylinder on the bottom, it pushes the die on to the element
for just one revolution, then the pressure is released.

After the motor reverses for the same number of turns as the number of threads.
Air is applied to the cylinder to pull the die back,
an air nozzle helps blow the chips out the die.

I won't bore you with all the steps this machine goes
through just to thread an element.
I will just say, it can thread an element in about 15 seconds.

On the back of the machine is an air shut off valve, an air filter,
inline oiler to help keep the air cylinders lubricated for longer life,
air regulator set at 30 psi for the cylinder above.

The lid on top of the machine is a piece of 3/8" Plexiglas, it extends
over the top of the air filter & regulator to help keep it from getting bumped

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