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SAM 4 & 5

Semi Automated Machine

These have been replace by Horizontal Drills that I don't have pictures of yet.

SAM 4 & 5 - The Shorting Bar Driller Twins

There are several reasons for building a SAM just to drill a hole.

1. To improve the Quality of the Product.

2. Is to save Labor Cost.

A SAM never calls in sick, (well, not to often)
They don't get bored, they don't get impatient & put to much pressure on the drill bit.
They never forget to oil the bit, so expensive drill bits last a long time.

Because the Shorting Bar is drilled in the center of two pieces of stock, it makes little
chips of aluminum that are very hard to sweep off the floor.
By putting the drill press in a cabinet all the chips are funneled into a bucket in the bottom.
Not only does this save on floor sweeping, it keeps the aluminum chips clean so they can be

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