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Semi Automated Machine

SAM 6 - One of the Boom  Driller Twins

SAM 6 drills all the holes in the boom for the Arrow II Antennas.

Uses a transport system that consists of ball bearings with oil resistant rubber tires. (Translation: screen door rollers with O rings.)

Uses two gear reduction DC motors to feed the booms through the machine.
Two IF photo sensors are used, one to detect the boom & turn on the drill press motor, & one to detect the holes in the master boom.

The master boom is clipped to the boom to be drilled, and both are inserted at the right of the machine. When the sensor detects a hole in the Master Boom it shuts off the transport motors, adds oil to the drill bit and begins to drill the hole. Another sensor detects when the it has finished drilling the hole. While the bit is coming up out of the hole an air hose blows off the chips. When the bit is all the way up, the transport motors come on again and feeds the booms to the next hole. As the booms exit on the left side, a switch is contacted that shuts off the machine.

Talk about a time saver, and it does a better job too.


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