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Semi Automated Machine

SAM 7 - One of the Boom  Driller Twins

SAM 7 drills the holes in the 1" sq. boom for Solid Element Antennas.

This one uses Two Drill Presses, one mounted Vertical & one mounted Horizontal.
While the Vertical one is drilling the 1/4" hole for the element,
the Horizontal one is drilling a small hole in the side for the element attaching screw.

(Both holes are centered to within .005 of an inch.)

Uses almost the same transport system as SAM 6

Three IF photo sensors are used on this one, the third is used to detect a "Bolt" hole.
It tells the machine not to drill the small hole in the side.

Just like Sam 6 the master boom is clipped to the boom to be drilled, and both are inserted at the right of the machine.

Each Master Boom can have up to 4 different Masters, if they are the same length.

Talk about a time saver, and it does a better job too.

With just the push of a button it can drill all the element holes in a boom for any of the solid element Yagi's

SAM 1 - 7 are all controlled by a board with just 5 IC's - 555 Timer Chips. (SAM 1 has some counting chips too.)

Let me tell you, SAM 7 really pushed the limit of what can be done with just five 555 timer chips.

(SAM 7 has been upgraded to a PIC Micro Chip)

From now on, I will be using a PIC Micro Chip (16F84) as with SAM 8 & 9

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