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This one has also been disassembled
Reassembled holding 6 Horz. Drills. (No Photos Yet)

Semi Automated Machine

SAM9, Replaced SAM4 & 5 Which were
used to drill the holes in the Shorting Bar.
They have been disassembled & the parts recycled.
They were just too messy.
Finished Shorting Bar
The Problem is when you drill between two pieces of aluminum, it creates little bitty chips that go all over.
Hard to sweep up.
So I made a machine that vacuums the chips right off the drill bit.
Shorting Bar for Yagi's
Under the Hood:
Power Supply,
6 Electric Air Valves,
The tops of 3 Drill Presses,
3 PC Boards, each contain a PIC Micro Controller a 16F84 that controls each Drill Press.

(Note the Counter)

Under the Hood
Solid State Relays (SSR) are used so the PIC can turn on the AC Motors.

Click below for full size.

Click for full size PC Board

Front View:
The Vacuum Unit has enough volume for all three drill presses and the deburring tool all the time.

Note the oil tanks in the back, the red color if from ATF.

Three Drill Press's
The Twin Cylinders are really air cylinders that run in oil. The term is "Air over Oil". There are 2 oil tanks for each drill press (6 Total) Air pressure is supplied to the top of the tank, pushing out the oil in the bottom to the cylinders. Makes for a real smooth operation,
no slamming as with just air.
Close Up:

Operation: (very simplified)

When the Start/Stop button is pressed & held, the air clamp, clamps the part and the drill motor is turned on. As long as the button is held it waits for the operator to apply a little lubricant (tap ease) to the drill bit. When the button is released the cpu turns on the vacuum unit and starts the down pressure. After the hole is drilled the drill is raised, clamp is turned off, drill motor and vacuum unit is turned off.
So if the operator has to answer the phone or what ever, the machine just stops when it is done.

Center Drill Press
With a little practice you can keep at least one drill running all the time, Two most of the time while the last part is being deburred.
So I can do about 100 Shorting Bars an hour.
That's two holes in each.

The air clamp for holding the shorting bar while it is drilled

In the Bottom:
Is the Dust Collector that vacuums the chips from the drill bits and puts them in a bag.
Any one of the 3 drill Control Boards can turn on the Vacuum Unit.
Vacuum Unit
The Book contains a copy of all the paper work on the machine, including the program.

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